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Cover to Cover

After completing the series "The Afterlife of Dreams", using the indigo covers of antique Chinese books,  I wanted to use every remaining part of these beautiful papers. The book covers consisted of several layers of heavy paper with the edges folded and trimmed at the corners. These layers became the three-dimensional piece, "The Anatomy of a Book". I coined the word "Vermigraphica" to describe the grid collage celebrating the beauty of the accidental calligraphy made by bookworms. All of these works were part of a solo show at Ruth's Table, a gallery dedicated to furthering the art philosophy of Ruth Asawa, best known for her hanging wire sculptures, and this prompted me to knit narrow strips of text into several hanging pieces I titled "Lacunae" (spaces or gaps), The title refers both to the spaces in the pieces and the missing parts of the text.


A collage celebrating the calligraphy made by bookworms